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On this page, you will find an e-portfolio of resources that I go back to again and again. There is a wealth of knowledge out there. There is enough research supporting and disavowing the same educational practices.  

As a teacher to 21st century learners, we need to be able to discern which resources are valuable and worth sharing, from the latest clickbait headlines or edutwitter celebrity tweet. 

  • Where can I find Special Education resources?
    IEP Preschool Goal Bank IRIS center CEEDAR center Europan Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education NASEN free membership EDUGAINS SPED National Asociation of Special Education Teachers SENteachers CREENA Navarra (Spanish) Best Practice Guide for Inclusive Education (Spanish) Les Trésors en Education Spécialisée (French) Soutien Pedagogique Specialisé (French) 15 links essenciais pra Professores e Pais de alunos da educacao especial (BR-Portuguese) Routines and procedures for flexible seating in a self-contained classroom. Assistive Technology - Social Story Apps PBIS intervention system and the integrated classroom
  • What SPED resources can I share with parents and guardians? (Covid-19 updates)
    Akros Edu (Spanish) Support Groups Covid- 19 quarantine advice for parents of learners with disabilities Resources for ASD families during the Covid-19 quarantine Parent guide to student success Parents helping parents
  • Where can I find High Quality Early Childhood Education Resources?
    EDUGAINS ECE UNESCO ECE resources Links to northamerican resources Resources for new teachers
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